Saturday, April 30, 2011

unconventional exercise (D.13 & 14)

Yesterday evening I went and helped our school librarian move stacks.  Heavy stacks.  And books.  Lots and lots of books.  When we left about 8:30pm it looked amazing.  And our arms and legs were sore.  Even with 6 people helping, it was a lot of work.  Wish I'd worn my pedometer!!

today, we have been staining our deck and trim.  Oh, and the new dog house, and whenever my husband finishes them, new flower boxes that will go on top of the dog house.

Lots of calories burned, muscles worked and I'm feeling good.  Even if right now I smell like stain. 

What I love most about spring/summer?  It's the weather that allows you to spend all sunlight hours outside and be happy and warm.  I'll forgive MN (aka, mother nature) for making it snow yesterday, 'cause today was pretty close to perfect.

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