Thursday, June 30, 2011

20 pounds or 20 bucks

The kid made it safe and sound.
He reminded me of our wager for his time gone.
20 pounds or 20 bucks.

I've only got a month.  But, I've got a lot to lose.  So I think it is doable.
I weighed in at the Y this morning for their "Lose It" program.
(weighs a LOT different than my scale here at home.  HOLY MOLY!)
Did the body fat thing too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No stress eating. No stress eating. No...

If I keep repeating it, it will work.  I won't stress eat, right? 

My almost 13 year old is flying solo tomorrow.  Not solo as in has a tag and someone keeps tabs on him and makes sure he gets on the right connecting flight.  Completely solo.  He thinks it will be a grand adventure.  I'm wondering if he'll get stranded in Denver.  Wonder how many times I can call him during his layover (just an hour, we'll not talk about the 3ish hour one on his way back home yet) before he starts ignoring me.  Leaving me to worry he's stuffed in a trash can or has his nose buried in a book and missed his boarding call.

He confided in me yesterday morning that he's stressed about it.  He said the same thing last night to his stepdad.  I know he's super excited to go see his dad, stepmom and little bro & sis.  But, this flying alone thing is for the birds.  16 is a good age.  He's still only 12 for 2ish more months.

This is where deep breathing works, right?

BTW- I know he'll be fine.  It's just he's my one and only.  This is a first.  On his first day of middle school I emailed his 1st period teacher to be sure he got there.  I'm a little protective.... but not horribly so... just a little so...

Monday, June 27, 2011

Football camp for him... and me?

This morning I will be taking my going-into-seventh-grade-son to his 1st day of football camp.  He's been waiting for this day since he was 3.  he carries a football in his backpack and plays at school every chance he gets.  If I were a better mother, I'd play with him all the time.  But, he no longer thinks I'm great at doing things throwing a football.  I'm a great cook, but not a great practice partner.  That's where he turns to his stepfather.

Camp is 3 hours, today thru Wednesday.  I'd planned on sitting there reading a book, just in case.  In case they get to use his epi-pen.  In case he takes a flying dive and breaks his first bone.  In case he gets a chance to run for a touchdown and gets it.  I don't want to miss it... 

But I am going to.  Because I decided that if he's going to spend the next 3 days, for 3 hours each day (not including baseball in the evenings (game tonight, practice tomorrow, game Wed) and life guarding for 2 hours in the afternoons) I should do the same.  I can feel his pain with him. 

It's what a good mother does!
At least that's what this mother is going to do.

At first I thought about taking Sirius (our 1.5 yr old lab/chessie) for a long walk, around the gigantic block that encompasses the field/high school/tennis courts/auditorium.  But, that could get boring quick.  So instead I'll going to be doing a spin class hop across town to swim laps (and catch a glimpse to be sure the kid is still in one piece,) and then pick up the dog and walk the block while I wait for him to finish.

Football camp-- here we come!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Circus didn't do me in.

We took a small road trip to go to a Shriner's circus.  (Shriner's will *ALWAYS* be near and dear.  Support them!!)  Being on the road meant fast food, eating out, car trip food, sitting, etc, etc.  And I have to say, I didn't do too bad!!  Even sitting next to a family (at circus) who was snarfing nachos, chili cheese fries, popcorn, etc, etc.  They seemed to always have food.

We had a bag of cotton candy to share.

Normally we'd have been the family next to us.  But right now $$$ is tight.  But, if I were to be really honest with myself, a big part of it was the mom.  She was my size... maybe bigger.  I spent time watching the food she ate, and mentally calorie counting.  At a time, sometimes still, I'm her.  Watching her, I was able to see "me" in a state that I don't want to be in.  It was the first time I could actually see someone, face to face, how I really see myself.  It was eye opening. 

We did do some letterboxing, but only drive by's, so we can't really say we exercised... though, we did park about 3 blocks away and on the 3rd level of a parking garage.  That counts a bit!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Spending a LOT of time here

 Our city pool is HUGE.  It's part of the YMCA.  Our family goes almost every day.  I go twice a day most days.  In the winter, there is a bubble that goes over the top.  So, this big pool, is open all year long.


The aqua jogging class (which is my fave pool class) takes place in the deep end (1st picture) and you jog (with a float belt) back and forth for 45 minutes (stretching the last 15.)  My husband did the class with me this week, and this morning he is still complaining about his legs hurting.  Great workout proof! 

All three pictures show the pool's full length.  Top is the deep end, then middle, then shallow end with the kiddie area at the furthest away in the last picture.  

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's been awhile, introducing the scale

I've not stepped on a scale since the end of April.. maybe first of May... either way, it's been a LONG time.  The reasons are I just haven't wanted to.  My TOPS chapter that I joined here isn't what I need.  I don't know anyone enough people to start another chapter.  Can't afford WW, and if I could, am not sure I would get the support I need from them.

I plan on joining up with the "Lose It" program at the YMCA.  I already go there all the time, so on Thursday I start.  But today I stepped on the scale to see how it was going.

It's going. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mr. Magorium is a brilliant man.

“Your life is an occasion. Rise to it.” 
~Mr. Magorium~

We've watched this movie before, but I admit, I never paid much attention to it.  I was always doing this or that, but not paying full on attention.  Maybe that's why when we go to the theater to watch a movie, I pay such close attention.  No bills, cleaning, phone calls, etc to take care of... 


The quote above was fabulous.  I wrote it down on the back of an envelope on the table.  Right at that moment.  I didn't want to forget it. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

C25K- restart

That's right, today I restart this program.

W1D1--  The weather is cooperative, it's almost 9:30 and it's a chilly 49* out. 

Here's to getting my groove back and my running shoes worn out again!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Win, Lose or Blog-- applying.

I've sent in my information.  The pictures I'm taking just as soon as I get my camera battery charged, the last ones I have are from January.  And now just have to wait and see.  I need some kind of a challenge, something to get my going good! 

My old TOPS group had crazy games, challenges and so on-- I need that.  So if I don't make it, that's okay, But if i do make it, you'll see me cheering and jumping for joy.

I hope I do!! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

110 pound weight loss

Last night at my aqua jogging class I took at the Y, I met a lady who has lost 110 pounds in 16 months.  She is the mother of 2 little girls, and she looks amazing.  When I got to class, a little early, 'cause I'm wired that way, I felt at ease.  There were about 20 people finishing up the 5pm Aqua Dance (think Zumba in the pool) class, and I wasn't the biggest person.  Check mark for me.

Then the AJ class, and we had to move over to the deep side.  And get a belt.  The biggest was large, and I had a moment of "crap, it's not going to fit," but it did.  Hurdle #1 jumped. 

Then I saw everyone in the class.  They were thin.  I was the largest, by a lot.  I almost decided to pretend to be in a swimming lane instead... but had a mental argument with myself.  But I stayed.  Hurdle #2 jumped.

I made it through the hour long class, and at the end, while debating on getting out (it was so windy, so I knew I'd freeze when I got out) the 110lb lady talked to me.  She was super nicer, and asked me how I liked it.  I did.  Then she shared that she'd started it in January of 2010 as her main exercise, and she'd lost 70 pounds that year.  This year, she's lost another 40.  I bet my mouth was hanging open.  It was just a short conversation-- all of maybe 10 minutes.  But it was enough.

I'll be going back, every Tuesday and Thursday.  Hurdle #3 jumped.

PS:  This morning I can barely lift my arms and my legs feel like lead.  I'd planned on doing a step class at 9am, but I think I'll stay home and do a Jillian workout video instead.  Not sure my legs can handle step right now!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Brrrrrrr- but I did it.

It was 50* when I went to water aerobics this morning.  In the outdoor pool.  My husband assured me that it was heated, it might have been heated a teeeeeeny bit, but it wasn't the heat I wanted!! 

But I did it and I enjoyed it.   45 minutes of good calorie burning fun.  Oh how I've missed it!  I even showed up 15 minutes early to jog back and forth across the pool till class started.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer vacation

The best part of working in schools is summer vacation.  In years past, I've had a job to keep me busy, but this summer, being in a new place, I don't.  Though I have a possibility, I should know by Tuesday evening.  I've decided that I'm going to do what I did a few years ago.  (Before the, try it all to have a baby.)  My summer job is going to be to get healthy and lose weight.  I have the time, the opportunities and I know I can do it.

When I did this before, I lost 40 pounds in 3 months.  I did put it back on, and some, while we've gone through the infertility processes in the last 7 years.  But, I also know I can do it.  If summer ever comes, I have the pool (which lost it's bubble top Memorial day weekend) and I love to swim. 

Bring on the new summer job!!