Sunday, April 3, 2011

Scare tactics & medication

Because of our move, and new job, etc.  We are without health coverage until mid summer.  Leave it to me to get sick.  Super sick.  My crazy strep throat came to attack on Wednesday.  I couldn't swallow without almost passing out from pain.  I talked like I have a mouth full of cotton balls.  So off to urgent care and forking over $100 instead of our normal $20 copay.

He wasn't concerned with my throat.  He was concerned with my blood pressure.  A reading which caught me in a "no way," but maybe it was wrong...  I've had high BP for awhile.  Stopped taking the meds, I know- bad, but thought I was taking control.  Obviously not.  he encouraged ("you had better...") me to get my prescription called in and to take it.  I started taking it on Thursday, and besides feeling light headed, and semi out of body experience, I feel no different. 

But he scared me.  Maybe a scare is what I need.

Tomorrow starts my "Take 2."  We got a scale.  I got my slimfast (because I never eat breakfast, and this works for me,) and I have promised myself to exercise every day.  Even if it's just the walk with the dog in the morning. 

I mean it this time.  Because I don't want to have a stroke, a heart attack, or worse- be dead.  I do want to feel good, not breath hard, and look cute.

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