Monday, June 11, 2012

Let the summer begin!

My weigh in the morning is at 247.4!  It's been a bit since I was in the 40's, but I am in there because I've not had much of an appetite the last few days.  I'm eating, but only because I know I should, and not very much.  Which is a good mix really for someone who tends to eat way too much or is an emotional eater.

It's summer, so I'm on my "let's get this done" so I can maintain during the school year.  Only this summer, I'm doing summer school.  Which puts a kink in some plans, but not totally.  I went an renewed our pool membership, and plan to start back with water aerobic type things.

I also plan on visiting all my fave health blogs- I've missed you!  But the end of the school year kicked my tail, and I got wrapped up in life.