Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spinning, how I've missed you.

This is our spin room.  There are more bikes to the right, but you get the idea.  I've never seen the tv used, and if it were to get turned on, I would never watch it.  I get motion sickness *SUPER* easy-- like watching home movies easy.

Over the summer I've not been to many spin classes, and today my thighs feel the pain.  But, I did go last night, and so starts my, "school's in session" exercise craze.  I do SO much better when I'm at work/school.

I also do better when people I haven't seen since June see me and say, "wow- you've lost weight!"  What an upper while I was working on my classroom digs.

Monday, August 29, 2011


That's what I've lost since June 30th when I made a pact with my kiddo. 

In the last week I've lost 1.37%.
In just over 8 weeks, I've lost 7.03%.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red faced while exercising.

So, yesterday I went to a spin class.  Not anything new, been before.  But, a small confession, I've never been on a spin bike- I get there too late, and they are full, so I just do it on a regular one.  Works the same just about.  Never really cared. 

So yesterday I get there a little early, and I am tempted to figure out how to set up the "real" bike, but the instructor was busy, and everyone in the class were seasoned pro's so I chickened out.  Plus, I was the fattest girl there.  (Honestly, fat boys and fat girls are viewed very differently, don't you think?)  So I stuck to a regular bike.

3 times.  THREE!!!  The seat  setter thingie went out on me, and dropped.  Once it was funny, no one heard or turned around.  The second 1 person did make eye contact with me, and the 3rd it was a lull in the music and they ALL TURNED AROUND.  So what could I do but pretend I did it on purpose and hobble away.

Mortified does not even begin to touch this one. 

My first thought was, I am WAY TOO FAT to be on a stationary bike.
No, that won't stop me... but it was awful.

Make me feel better, tell me that you all have had red faced moments while exercising in front of people!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Where I've started running...

This is one of our cemeteries.  Our town has 2 of them.  The one I wanted to run at was being watered, so I did this one instead.  Certainly a pretty view!!

A friend asked me why I would run there.  So I thought I would explain a bit more.  I *LOVE* cemeteries.  A lot.  One of my favorite passtimes, letterboxing, sometimes brings me to the most beautiful, old cemeteries I've ever found.  I like to wonder about those buried there, see if I can find family, etc, etc.  When I was a kid, I'd do crayon rubbing of headstones at the cemetery next to the Ranger Hall of Fame in Waco.

On a group I joined for C25K, someone mentioned she ran in cemeteries.  She figured that no one there was going to laugh at her, and if she dropped down dead while running, she was in a good place to do so.  Made sense to me!!

So, I joined her.  I didn't drop dead, but I had a great walk/run while in a peaceful setting.

One of my big fears of running out in public is being laughed at, called lard @ss by a passerby, etc, etc... and you know what?  None of that happened this morning.  All I got was a good workout and a wave from the guy cutting grass.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Weigh In day

So, I'm showing up from my last weigh in.  (261.8) Not by a lot (1.6, that was recorded 7/28) but it's up.  Tonight is Lose It, so we'll see what happens with that scale.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation is over & the results are...

My mom was here for the last 2 weeks.  I've kinda went on vacation form watching what I eat (much) and haven't been to the Y to work out or swim... it's been a refreshing 2 weeks, but we have exercised via letterboxing/walking/hiking.  But not the classes, swimming, weights, etc.  Plus with long car trips, and having more soda than I normally do- aka I don't do soda... weight is up in the air.

So to get on the scale I was nervous. 

This morning my scale has me at 260.8!

Which, looking at my left side bar, is only 0.6 up!!  Which is nuthin' I can't handle!!


Side note:  I am almost officially off summer vacation.  Go back in later this week.  School starts after labor day

Saturday, August 13, 2011

July knocked out...

3.7% of my body weight.

It was just posted on the Y's site.


Friday, August 12, 2011

I'm a loser bay-beeee! Sorta.

I am stressed, the last 2 days I've felt it.  I think it's catching up to me.  Child sick, mom visiting, money, school starting up, doc appt's, it's "bill time of the month" and just all of that stuff.  I go back to school in about a week.  Classes (kids) start up after Labor Day.  So I gotta find my happy place of mind.

The reason I called myself a loser is because I was the biggest loser of July for Lose it!  I lost about 3.5% (she can't quite remember, so I'm waiting to hear about it.  GO ME!!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

It's pneumonia...

and I'm eating and drinking like there is no tomorrow.

Darn the, stress eater mode.  It's not like me eating and drinking extra is going to help him...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

On a roll and get side tracked.

So my son got super sick on Wednesday.  He had lots of shots (4) and ended up with a fever.  Which is all fine, but he still had it Friday.  And still has it today.  I don't like fevers, and even with tylenol/motrin they are getting low, but not going away.  He's almost 13, and I can honestly say he almost never gets a fever.  When he does, it's a day or 2- if that.  So this few days of it is stressing me out.  The kid can't be sick- we have plans.  He had football, and school registration, and family coming in to visit!  So, if he still has it tomorrow after my dental appt, I will be taking him to see his doc.  We saw an on call one Sat and she said he probably just had a stomach bug.  Me, I'm not so sure.  (I'm blaming shots.)

So I didn't weigh in at the Y on Thursday-- and when I got on mine this morning I show a gain.  I blame the soda I've been having to survive on minimal sleep.

I'll be back & normal.  And I promised myself I will be at Lose It (Y) on Thursday for official weigh in.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Out of the 260's?!

My weigh in date is tomorrow.  For my home scale (pictured above) it's in the morning, and then I weigh in the evening for Lose It.  I weigh every morning, just about (I know, I know-- let's not debate it here though!!) and this morning, this is what I saw.  I got off the scale and did it again just to be sure.

I could weigh out of the 260's tomorrow.  I won't at Lose it- the scale weighs almost 6 pounds heavier there- but I could at home.