Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How is your garden growing? (d44)

It's still cold here, this morning when I woke it was 34*, brrr!!!  But slowly our garden is looking more like a garden, and less like a bunch of piles of dirt.  Hip hooray!!  My hubs even took off a couple of our WoW's and the plants can have some real sun & hopefully warmth.  Never fear, most of our plants still have them on.  Only took off the ones on the broc, cauli & cabbage.

I can't wait for fresh yumminess!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

grass is always greener (d39)

It's been a long tim esicne I've cut the grass.  I've always LOVED the smell of fresh cut grass, and since it was my husbands birthday, I knew cutting it would be a nice little gift for him.  I also knew I needed to get more active.  Our gras is in 3 sections, and takes about 2.5-3 hours to mow- a riding lawn mower would be nice, just so far out of our budget.

I felt it, found 2 pot holes, and hollered at the kid because he missed 2 poop piles.  I found myself huffing for breathe, and was embarrassingly wishing it was over way before it was.

I started watching "Ruby" because of a friend.  There are some really great quotes on the shows I have seen (via netflix) and I'm going to watch it and use my step. I'd still like to find a walking buddy or something-- this sideview picture made me quite blah.  The back rolls & but/gut is icky.

This morning there is a cross country meeting at school.  I asked my son to go to it, they are giving out running logs.  He said, the kid, that he "might" do it with me.  He did it before, but isn't as impressed to do it now.  Joe would, but he'll tick me off.  I can't exercise with him.  Long time readers will remember why, I'll have to link it all later.  :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

baseball (d37)

tonight starts, officially, baseball practice.  my husband is the coach, and i have a plan of attack.  i'm going to the y, right across the street from where they will practice, while they do practice.  i'd play with them, sorta, but my kid doesn't want me to watch.  i wanted to be the coach, but he nixed that, favoring my hubs.

happy news- i'm feeling better, sleeping better, and i think i'll be starting up my morning spin class tomorrow again.  while i wasn't sleeping well, i couldn't get there, but now- i can and will!  i'm excited, i have missed it.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Breaking news

my sons father is okay.
his step-mom is okay.
his baby brother and sister, okay.
his nonni- not okay.

might seem weird to most, but our two families get along quite well.  i love their 2 kids as if they were my own.  it's just what it is, 10ish years can do that i guess. 

sunday evening was a mass of trying to call 3 people.  calling their family to let them know they were okay.  trying to reach nonni, over and over and over again.  telling her we were worried, to please call, walk, get on tv, something.  i left so many messages for her... so many texts flying back and forth.  more texts that i have ever done, let alone in a single evening.

keep joplin in your prayers.  they need it.  and especially those who found their own loved ones.  red, my childs stepmom, found her own mom.  it made me crumble.  and i know she is not the only one.

my heart swells though, that i do not have to explain to my 12 yr old that more of our family passed.  but explaining nonni was enough.

rip nonni-- you've touched many.  thank you for loving my son.  he sure loved you.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

TMI Thursday's

On facebook, one of my groups has a too much info Tuesday.  I have days where I have that kind of news to share-- and figured I'd do it on Thursday!  Plus, today I have some great news.  I shared it with my husband, but he just shrugged.  But I know other PCOSer's and people wanting to get knocked up would get it.  I started.  On my own.  No drugs (cause we aren't doing it anymore,) no creams (we haven't done that in a long time,) not even me getting back on BCP's (which we're waiting till June, when we get our insurance back- bummer of job changing.)


It's not often that people get excited, but let me tell you- I need proof that my body knows how to work, that it can work, and that my girly bits don't hate me as much as I fear they do. 

Weigh In (Day #25)

Lost 1.5 pounds.

What I did... I spent the week not worrying over every little piece of food I stuck in my mouth.  I stress over everything- to an extreme, and I walked away from it.  I made sure I knew what I was eating, what I was doing.  But I ate what I wanted.  Stopped when I needed.  Made sure that my hunger levels didn't get to a 9 or a 10.  I made it through the week without gorging so much I felt ill.

Plus I spent Sunday & Monday sick.  :)

I still lost though, was pretty happy with that!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

weigh in, day #18

gained 3 pounds.
i'm good with that.
i've also found 2 co-workers who are trying to lose weight. 
one is doing it a way i won't, the other is tiny, but needs/wants to lose 15.
so a challenge is on for us!