Monday, April 25, 2011

Day #9, looking in the mirror.

I've been thinking for a little while about how my self-esteem isn't so hot.  I rarely look in the mirror... I don't really care about how I look when I go out... I want comfort, easy and not to mess with anything.  On Saturday, after planting the garden, I realized that I missed the fuss.  I've not fussed since moving hear.  No makeup, I dress nicer for work, but come home and change to sweats.

I vowed to myself I would change that.  I'd start with my hair.  It's the one area I do spend time on.  I have a curcly, crazy mop on top of my head.  It's growing out, again, and while it does, if I don't do something to it, it goes all Medusa on me.  Really. 

So, I made cute little hair stuff.  I've been doing a lot of bobby pins, and why not dress them up.  Saturday evening was spent with a  hot glue gun, buttons, bling, metal, ribbon and fabric.  I had such a good time, and can't wait to jazz up my head. 

It's amazing to see how much it effects you...  you are what you think, and I'm going to do my best to be sure to think more positive.  Healthy from the inside out.


Anonymous said...

Great job doing something to improve your self-image - it does feel good!

Anonymous said...

They're so cute!!! I'm not crafty at all so I'm impressed!

If you'd like you can read my HYC post here

Lisa Mancini said...

Those are definitely cute. I think you and I are thinking quite similarly. I want to be in style again too. One little change does make you feel better.

upinthecosmos said...

Great job on the bobby pins, they are cute. My favorite saying is "The mind is everything, what you think, you become" ~~ Buddha. Fits nicely with your blog:-) Stop in & read B is for Balkanized, I'm working on beginning my journey!