Sunday, April 3, 2011

Take 2 in 2011

Here is our cheep little scale.  I will be going back to weighing in every day.  Which helps ME keep track of how I am going.  I'm going to find my ipod, haven't seen it since we moved, so I can restart Couch to 5k.  I plan on going to the YMCA at least 2 mornings a week (5am mornings.)

This number to the left.  Made me sad.  But, it's a starting point.  I'm trying to figure out some kind of checks and balances.  I have a little frog bank and thought about putting $$$ in it every time I exercise, lose weight, etc, etc.  But, what about a counter thing-- if I have a gain, don't meet my exercise goal, etc, etc.

What I would really love it a buddy.  Someone who was about my size, wanted to do what I want to do, and we could keep each other up.  It would be even more awesome to have someone IRL to do it with.  But, the only friends I have here are my 12 yr old son, my husband, and my MIL. 

So-- I'm turning to you all!!  What do you do for checks/balances and to keep you on track?  Do you chart?  Do you add stickers, money?  Do share and tell!

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Carolyn F said...

Let's see.... I'm about your size in weight, although I'm much shorter. I want to be thinner. I have a cruise leaving on 8/13... what can I do to help?