Thursday, April 28, 2011

the weigh in that wasn't (Day #12)

I did not weigh in yesterday.  My stomach was all twisted and I felt like blah.

The reason I felt so blah, was that Tuesday evening I had a craving for salt.  And oreo's.  And just everything I have been avoiding or eating less of.  I never felt like I was missing out, but a flipped switch, and there I was.  Eating way too much, or things that weren't smart, and not being able to stop.

By yesterday after work, I felt truly sick.  Didn't go weigh in, and haven't stepped on my scale.  I know I have  again, but I promised myself that I would give myself till Saturday to step on.  No sense in torturing myself further...

I'm not even sure why it happened... I really am not.  My stress isn't out of control right now... not major is happening at the moment... and the sky is blue.

A friend suggested that perhaps I wasn't getting enough salt/sugar in my diet.  Which, I guess could be true... I don't add salt to anything (HBP) and I don't like sweets much... but I'll figure it out. 

And ban my husband from showing me oreo's he's purchased.

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upinthecosmos said...

Those days come & go, you just have to make sure you don't let it run you off the track so that the caboose catches up with ya again;-)