Wednesday, May 4, 2011

weigh in, day #18

gained 3 pounds.
i'm good with that.
i've also found 2 co-workers who are trying to lose weight. 
one is doing it a way i won't, the other is tiny, but needs/wants to lose 15.
so a challenge is on for us!


upinthecosmos said...

A way you won't? Sorry to hear that, sounds unhealthy. I don't know about you but when the skinny people talk about how they need to lose weight I always feel worse about me cause if they think they are fat then what do they think of me?? I know everyone has body image issues & they probably really feel they need to lose it but what I wouldn't give to weigh what some of them do! Ok, guess I wouldn't give much otherwise I would right?? LOL! Stop in & read C is for Counterfeit

FrogiNater said...

she's doing the hcg diet, eating 500 calories-- and dropping weight FAST. Crazy fast. scary fast.

Lisa Mancini said...

I tried the HCG diet, and it wasn't for me either. Grats to those who can use it and keep the weight off, but I couldn't. I needed more of a change than it offered. I hope the challenge with the two women at your work goes well. GL!!!