Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rapids are out there!

Of all the pictures I took of retreat, the series of people going down the rapids at Payette, keep making me look closer.  Over and over again. 

Do you think they were scared?  Excited?  Nervous?  Insane?  Envious of those on dry land?

What about those driving by, or pulling off to watch?  All the same feelings, excluding, they want to be in the water too?

For me- yup.  I was all those thinking watching them.  including envious!  Do I think I would ever be brave enough to kayak that crazy of rapids?  Probably not while I have a child at home... but I wanted to be that brave.  My heart raced while watching them.  I wanted to hoot and holler and cheer for each as they made it through this one super hard section.  I REALLY wanted to hoot for one guy he flipped and got himself righted back again.

So-- this is how I'm seeing my journey.  I REALLY want my weight to come off.  To be healthy, to be like most everyone else.  I am jealous, and not afraid to admit it, of people who have completed their journeys.  I'm there in those rapids, trying to figure out my way, how to work the oars, to stay upright, etc.  I'm learning, I'm figuring it out, and I'm trying.

And trying?  It's doing something, which is better than not doing anything.

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Sarah said...

What a great way to look at it. Awesome analogy.

Great pictures too. I'm envious of those people just looking at them and I wasn't there. Looks like a fun time!

Thank you for sharing.