Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evaluating January

Okay, for the month I am down 6 pounds!

I am 7 pounds off where I wanted to be.

But like a wise man said, don't look at what you didn't do, look at what you did do.

I did lose 6 pounds.  Gone forever. 

Let's be realistic, losing 0.5 pounds a day is a BIG lofty goal.  I knew that, but was told to try to shoot for the moon, not just the stars.  So I did.  I know that I could catch up.  I also know that I might never.  But I'm going to just keep on moving on.

Making up my new goal sheet for February later today.  New month-- fresh month!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Another weekly Wednesday....

So, I was a little nervous to get on the scale this morning.  I overslept, not feeling very good (blasted allergies!) and just worried in general.  I've not had  any luck keeping track of food or exercise this week.  It's the first week of the semester- my stress is HIGH.  New kids, same course, but that getting to know them, figuring out seating charts, who needs what, what needs who-- first couple weeks are a nightmare.

And my keeping track of food has helped.... so this week?  I expected to be up, after all- on Saturday I *WAS* up.  Today, I wasn't.

I'm at 258.2 pounds.
My goal was to be at 261 pounds.

I'm ahead of my goal by 2.8 pounds.

Not bad, not bad....
I could be doing better...
But I'm not going to let that drag me down.

This weight loss crap (let's face it, it is crap) is enough of a downer, that I don't need to be more of a downer.  I've exercised and I've been eating all of my meals.  Haven't been drinking as much water.. but I'm drinking at least half of what I should.  Which is amazing.  Heck, just me eating every meal is amazing.  :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mid week weigh in, outta the 260's!

Do you see that number?  I haven't seen that number in a LONG time!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

White girl can't cardio pump

I tried a new class tonight at the YMCA. 

"Cardio Pump."

I spent about an hour talking myself into going... I don't know why it's so hard for me to go, I never regret it... I guess it's more of I want someone to go with.  A friend to enjoy my misery with. 

Anyhow- I went!  And it was basically like a step class with no step, just on the ground.  Which is great- I *LOVE* step!!  So I was all gung ho, and about 20 minutes in, after a zillion (okay, like 20) squats- I thought my thighs would give out on me.  Then we got into more dance stuff.

Let me tell you, this white girl has got no groove.  I accidentally moved into the range of the mirrors-- oh the horror of seeing myself!  I looked like a fish flopping on the sand.  It was awful.  But, I kept plowing along.  Then I was watching the clock, class started at 5:30, there was a 6:30 TurboKick class (which I planned on going to also) and it was 6:20.  People were lining up in the hallway and peeking in.  Then I heard giggling...

I know the laughing could have been anything... and people peeking in-- well, people do that.  *I* do that.  But my inner idiot told me, "Melzie-- they are laughing at your fat @ss in hot pink pants, trying to move and lose weight."  I couldn't shut up II, I did try... it was rather depressing... and I felt my arms failing more and more. 

At 6:30 she ended the class, and all the hot people walked in (okay, not everyone was hot- but 97% of them were) and I was even more horrified by who might have seem me.  Thankfully, there were no kids from school there.  Last week (during TurboKick) there were 2!  I'm proud that I stayed, lol.)

Now as I relax after a super hot shower, wishing my legs would work better than they do (ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch) and wishing I had some groove to my swing-- I am glad I went.  I'm not glad I heard laughter... but I guess if I would to see a hot pink, panted fish on the sand... I might giggle also.

Friday, January 11, 2013

End of week #1- review

Today is the end of my first week of the MVWLC, so my weigh in is important.

Ignore my toes, they need help, but look at that number!!  My official weigh in was 270 (by their scale) my scale said 269.8.  So by their scale I should be 263.6-- but no matter how you want to play the numbers---

I am down 6.6 pounds!!!!!!

According to my spread sheet I should be at the 267 mark today and I blew it away.  Even with yesterday showing a gain of 0.6.

I've mainly been watching calories (dinner on Wednesday night of pizza and a glass of soda killed my calorie count, which is why I suspect I was up) mostly.  With some exercise built in, but not concentrating on that very much either.  I want to master this food thing first.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Spin class, you will not defeat me.

It's been a long time since I've been in a spin class... over a year.  This morning I went to one.  I lasted 30 minutes before I started dry heaving and thought I was going to pass out.  I got so hot and felt not good.  So I slowed myself down (hello Mel, you just got back to it, stop being a superhero and keeping pace to the uber spin chick next to you) and quietly left.

I even forgot my waterbottle.  DANG IT ALL!
(actually that is okay, I hated that water bottle anyhow!)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

My goals for this year....

I'm doing them fairly simple.

1.  Drink more. 
2.  Move more.
3.  Stay positive.

1.  I drink a lot when I'm in school.  But when I'm home, I stop for some reason.  So, I'm hoping to keep with it an ddrink at least 3-4 glasses when I get home form school and before bed. 

2.  Move- whatever it is.  I like classes, and I'm a member at our local YMCA.  I'm out of shape now (how quickly that happens when you stop) but I am building it back up.  I also plan to move more in my classroom, gotta find my pedometer!

3.  Not that I'm the most negative person ever, but I need to focus on the good and not linger on the bad.  I stress out for everything, even people I hardly know.  I need to just let it go and not take it in.  If that makes any kind of sense at all!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

MVWLC- here I go!!

I did something for me-- I joined the MVWLC. Weigh in was today and I weighed in at 270.  Th efinal weigh in is Junee 22.  My goal is to lose 50 pounds.  I would love to lose 60, but I know 50 is doable... what I woul REALLY love to do is to be out of the 200's by summer... and I met some people who were able to do that last year.

I've given my blog a new look, and I will be updating at least once a week to say how I'm doing.  I'm going to move more, drink lots of water and to keep track of my calories. 

I've also recommitted myself to spark people.