Sunday, January 31, 2010

My husband spent the day laughing at me.

I would laugh at me also, if I didn't ache so much.

My rear end hurts. My legs hurt. Just rolling over, or trying to get pants on, coughing- it hurts.

Coughing-- I've got a nasty cold. I came home yesterday- all pumped up, and took a hot shower and within about 2-3 hours was miserable. Stuffy nose, horrid cough & fever. My joke was that my body was vetoing running. It doesn't like it- and last night and today was created to tell me so.

My muscles are so sore, I honestly wasn't expecting that. I also wasn't expecting my left knee to be throbbing so horribly and my feet to be fine. (Mom- can you believe it?!!!)

This is semester exam week at my school. I can not be sick right now. I'm going to attempt to make it to work tomorrow, hopefully my nyquil & dayquil will help me through the day. I also plan on disinfecting my classroom as soon as I get there. So many of the kids were out last week, even other teachers, I will become a wipe down queen before 8am. Unless I get a sub, which is likely right now.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I DID it!!

So, today was the race. We were up in Missoula with about an hour to spare. Met 4 fellow SparkPeople peep's and had a nice conversation. Our car was loaded with 5 of us down on the south side of the Bitterroot. Plus a good friend and her husband came down from Hot Springs. (He placed 1st for men walkers!!!)

My goal was to qualify. For this one, that meant doing it in under an hour. The best time I've ever walk/ran a 5K was about 1:25, last May. Not so good, and all my practice ones at home in the last 2 weeks have been around 25 minute miles.

So I was worried. Even more worried because I was DEAD LAST. No one behind me. It was sad indeed. However, that wasn't my worry, and I tried to not think about it. But that was hard also, because every time I got to a check station, they'd ask "you bringing up the rear?"

I said yes with a smile on my face and kept plowing ahead. Near the end I was worried.. I could hear people screaming for the lady in front of me (I was beat by a 68 yr old.) I was so worried that I might not beat the 1 hour mark- which was when they cut off the standings. My 11 yr old met me the last little bit & a fellow TOPS member did also. They ran with me, SH keeping me on track letting me know what I had to beat to get there. I thought my legs would be jelly when I crossed, but I did cross.

My time was:


I have time to spare!!!

Just joking.

I didn't cry, but I wanted to. I actually did it. I didn't really think I could... I admit that. I wanted to. Quite badly, but I thought it was impossible. But I did it.

I DID IT!!!!!

After we did it? We went to Red Robin, my favorite Missoula restaurant, and celebrated.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Go me!!

I'm back in the game! My goal has been to lose at least a pound a week. Very simple, slow & hopefully will help keep me on point.
Today's loss, 1.2!!!
Exercise has been nada since Saturday due to snow/ice since then. I've strapped on my pedometer, and while I am in my classroom I average about 3,000 steps. I put it on one I open my door & take it off when I lock it up.
Today and tomorrow I will wear it from wake up to go down to see what those results are. I'm not doing anything extra-- just want to see what I do on average. The reason I am doing it between 2 days is because each day has a different class schedule. My "A" day's are much easier than my "B" days. "B" days it seems I never get a chance to sit at my desk- I'm always in among the kids. "A" days, much more relaxed, smaller classes- more chance to breathe.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Wii Fit Mii ROCKS!!

So, my real age? 33 years young. I got a 22 this weekend, which is the best I've ever done. I also unlocked advanced for my chicken game & also for the band romp thing. (I do love any type of "step" game.)

My fat percentage did go down as well- not a big amount, but down is down!! Next goal for this, to see it 34!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Feelin' good!

My son was taking pictures of me for my scrapbook. At the end, he asked me to pose how I would be when I got to goal. My first reaction- a hand in the air doing a cheer, head back laughing, and probably tears when the time really does come.
This picture I love. It represents all of that.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Facing Reality

Last night I did my first timed walk. I did a mile. In 26 minutes. I was disgusted with myself. Then I thought of the excuses.

I walked in my crocs.
It was below freezing.
I'd just spent about 30 minutes solid of playing JUST DANCE with my son.
I was tired.
My feet hurt.

But, no matter, at that pace, I will not be able to finish the 5K on the 30th in the allotted time. I must work on shaving 6 minutes on my miles. I must watch the time. I must bring music to keep me going at a good pace. I must wear my tennis shoes.

I'm a brand new owner o a pedometer- again. My first one died, and I replaced it. Today it will be strapped on as soon as I get to school, and I will hit my goal of 10,000 steps a day. Goal is to get at least 5,000 while at school.

No excuses-- just actions.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Small step weigh in

I'm not going to lie- I'm ecstatic that it's a loss. Since Saturday I've been in a little funk and I've done little exercise. Too many appointments and I've not been able to bike to school. I miss it, but it couldn't be helped.
Last night we went out to eat at my son's favorite Mexican restaurant. It was to celebrate his 1st band concert. I made smart choices, though I do love their fresh chips and salsa. I was a little worried that it might cause me a gain- but decided that if I made good choices for a week, then one meal won't totally flub it all away. A theory that was proven right!
The sun is shining & I have the day off. I'm going to time myself in a 5K- without trying- to see where I am. My son has decided that he's going to be my "Jillian" but nicer. We're going to walk 3.1 miles every night from now till the race- and on I'm sure.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Feeling lazy.

Today has been a day of almost complete rest. No exercise, no getting dressed, no cooking. We've played Wii, create celebrity Mii's and eaten all the leftovers that are filling the fridge.

It's been most awesome.

(I am the only one of who stayed in jammies- they went shooting for a couple hours.)

Sometimes I think I get too caught up in the day to day drama of family life. I miss those lazy days. I can become so consumed with what I need or want to do- that I don't take time to take care of myself. THAT is almost as important as finishing what I want to..

Today reminded me of that. Sometimes you do need to take a step back... tomorrow I will once again participate in life outside of our house. For today-- I'll love the fact that I didn't need to.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Frost Fever 5K- signed up

This is what I'm doing on January 30th. My first race of the year. My goal is to do 3 of the same size, so I can get better times at each. I figure a 5K is the best. Considering I'm new to this whole doing races thing. (I will be mostly walking or a fast walk/shuffle thing.)

I'm mailing off the registration today. We have no plans on going into Missoula before the deadline & we want shirts. (My husband & son will be doing it also.)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

2010 Vision Board

My reasons behind the pictures:

To bike more

be imaginative in all I do

clean out the clutter & live more simply

remember my promises to myself

work on getting in fresh fruits & veggies

better choices in and from my fridge

learn to run & do 3 races

remember that the road isn't always straight- and round abouts bring new & exciting things

be unashamed of my body

do not fear the scale

And keep my spirits UP!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Leaving 270-ville

So, on Spark People I joined the team leaving-whatever-ville.
3 weeks it's taken me to leave my 1st one, but today- I officially have.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Couch to 5K

So, I'm doing it--- just not very well.

I've never run in my life. I chase my son or a soccer ball from time to time. But I never understood a runner's high, or why people would run around a track. Turns out a big reason could be that I stink at it. Perhaps I knew this secretly and I'm just not seeing it in living color.

But I'm not going to give up. I'm just going to have to take things more slowly than I figured. I also need to dig out my knee brace. I've got bad knees and feet, so I have to be careful, but not as careful as I've been.

We haven't signed up for Bloomsday yet. But I did fill out the papers for the Missoula 1/2 marathon. My goal is to complete that... 1/2 running it. I'm aiming at walking 2 miles a day and running/jogging (fast walking) some points through out that. To get me use to it. I can't make the entire 1/2 mile loop by our house yet, but that's my first goal. Hope to reach that by the 1st of February. (Only thing holding me back on that would be snow/ice as I don't have a treadmill.)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Supersize Me!

All I can say is:
Really. It was the 2nd best documentary I have ever seen. The 1st place for horrifying. I seriously don't think I will ever eat fast food ever, ever again. (Now if they can find something to kill my love of soda.)
I told my TOPS group about it. We're going to have a movie party and watch it. I think EVERYONE should watch it.
I remember hearing about it when it came out. I remember not being interested. Then I moved to the place we live, and the health teacher shows it every semester to her Health 1 class. The kids talk about it in my class- and I was curious. So I asked to borrow it....
If you've seen it- what did you think? If you haven't- go rent it, watch it- you won't be anything but "wowed."

Saturday, January 9, 2010

BL: Wii game, week 3

2nd weigh in, didn't get eliminated again. YAY!! I was worried, this week has been a rollercoaster ride for me. SO much at work, home, and personal issues.

I lost teh challenge, I HATE football runs, or whatever they were. YUCK!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Work out music

So, Bella on the Beach is hosting a contest. It involves music, and I love music. Music that makes me wiggle and twirl makes me also laugh and giggle.

I spent about 45 minutes making the mix on here. Wish list songs to add to my computer so I can burn them and listen to them everywhere. Instead of just blaring on my laptop when I clean or do a video. I would love to have some great songs that I own- it's just not in our budget right now. (We're recovering from a 6 month layoff for Mr. Melzie.)

I don't watch much tv, just a couple shows. Normally, it's the radio that is on. Music is always on in the car & my son and I are constantly singing. To add music to a workout routine is simple!!

Weigh In: First in 2010

I am so very disgusted. But once I click save on here, I promise to not dwell on it. I still haven't broken 270. Still. I thought for sure this would be the week. I've done so good. SO good. I did crack and have 2 cans of coke yesterday. But I've ridden my bike to work/school. Gone on walks. Done at least 30 minutes of exercise, most days over an hour. I've eaten right- including taking rabbit food for lunches instead of getting a school lunch. I've felt so good. But this picture shows not so good. It is a loss, so that is a happy thought, but it's not what I was expecting.
Tonight is our TOPS meeting. I'm doing the program & I will keep it motivational. It's going to be a good year- I can feel it. We all had a very long talk about it last week at our holiday party.
I plan to never be in the 270's AGAIN.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Took pictures today...

and I didn't want to do it. But I did. I was going to have someone else do it for me, but then I was too horrified... so I did it myself, in the bathroom with a mirror. Worked well, sorta, because I kept my face covered-- which was important to me...
To say I'm not disgusted with myself would be a lie. To say that I haven't tried very hard wouldn't be too much of a lie. Yes, it's been a rough year. Yes, there is stuff that makes it hard. But, when I looked at myself- I have to take ownership. I did this with a little help from things outside my control. I know I'm a stress eater, my husband feeds that. I need to be stronger and I told him I need him to be stronger for me. I'm worried about my health. My blood pressure is crazy. I don't want meds, and I've given myself a March deadline before I go to the doctor for it.

I'm going to make 2010 the best year for my health that I can. I'm going to try to not fixate on getting/staying pregnant. I need me to be healthy. That's what I am going to work on. These pictures are what will help me carry on.

I can use all the support I can get...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

BMO: 35.40

Wii Fit Plus check in also, met my goal (wahooooo!) as well as a registered loss. What agreat Saturday this is turning out to be!

WBL: Week 1 complete

And I didn't get eliminated!
I also lost weight!
I like my Wii scale much better than my real one. Holy cow there is a difference!!! Can I just use this one from now on?!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Bloomsday- 120 days & some hours away

I'm signing up for it at the end of the month.

I did it last year, my time wasn't so good- but I made my goal. Most importantly, I finished.

I nearly cried when I did.

This year, I'm going for shaving time off & being able to run some of it.