Thursday, July 28, 2011

This morning ~vs~ Tonight

My weigh in this morning was a loss of a pound from last week.  SCORE!!  What I am really curious to see is tonight's weigh in at the Y.  Tonight is almost body fat percentage date.  Wonder how I've done over the course of the month.  I don't even have any idea of where to start guessing about how much BF% I might have lost... I am hoping to be under 40%, but is losing 4.9% in a month a crazy amount?  (I admit, I'm too lazy to do the math to see!)

So, in a few hours- I'll update this post.  Wish me luck!!


So, I lost 2 pounds at the weigh in the evening.  Looking at the side, I didn't even lose 1% of my bodyfat.  Dang it all!  But, never fear-- I did lose, and like I promised myself.  THAT is what I care about.  The continual downward movement!

(On a side note- our insurance FINALLY starts up on Monday (YAY) and I have an appt for Friday about my weird right side/breast/chest/something pain that is disguised as a wellness checkup.  Also, I have my2nd appt ever with a dentist.  I know, naughty, but I have never had dental issues, and never had dental insurance.  While we did, my husband and kiddo too top notches for need.  I came last, but now- I'm 2nd.  Kiddo will always be 1st.)

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