Friday, July 1, 2011

Cool, out of the way places to run?

On facebook there is a C25K group.  I found a discussion about how this lady was feeling a bit weird about running out in public.  Stares, someone moo'd at her, etc.  This is a HUGE fear for me.  One reason that I don't get out in public much.  I stay hidden.  I've been moo'd at, and it made me cry.  It was seriously one of the WORST days ever.

Someone mentioned they run on the roads in cemeteries.  She was respectful, but figured that it was a safe place.  I thought it was a great idea, I love cemeteries anyhow.  So now I'm wondering, where do you like to run?  Or did you run someone special while you were bigger than when you were fit (for those who are where they want to be)?

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debkhershberger said...

I DO THAT!! Our cemetary is small, but I just kept running loops. Then VERY SLOWLY I started adding one street out, to my loop. Ive learned that I do not run on main street (3 bars) and I do not run past the school. (except during summer time). We also have a bike trail in the next town over, and I also run there. Actually I should say jog!! There are other people out there who walk, faster than I jog!!!
And its much different running outside than on a treadmill!! On the treadmill I could do 30 mins, no problem. The first time I attempted outside, 10 mins at a time, max.
Good luck!!