Thursday, July 14, 2011

Holy schmoly!

So, went to my YMCA group tonight.  talked about sugar addictions, weighed in and she did a double take.  I didn't, because I've been watching my scale.  But I lost.  Big.  Like 9.2 pounds big.  In a week.

9.2 POUNDS!!!!


I know next week will probably be very minimal, but who cares.  My goal is to not gain.  I would like to lose 2 pounds for next week, but realistically, after this week, I'll be happy to stay the same.

9.2 pounds.


Missy said...

That's fantastic! What did you do for such a big gain? Whatever it was, keep it up!

FrogiNater said...

I'm being very careful about what I eat. Eating much smaller amounts, spreading it out and making sure that I am really actually hungry. My husband thinks I'm not eating enough... but I went from eating (for example) 4 or 5 slices of pizza and bread sticks, to having a slice of pizza and 2 breadsticks.

I've not done much on exercise yet. I'm concentrating on the food. Plus the antibiotics I was on zapped my energy. So I gotta build it back up.