Monday, July 11, 2011

Anxiety & Panic attacks

This is for you out there who have dealt with anxiety/panic attacks.

I was in the ER again.  Horrible pain, my right arm was numb, and bp was crazy.  I left with big ol' bruises, a shot of some anti-anxiety meds, and normal tests.  Also a "go see a doctor," which I will gladly do August 1st when our insurance sticks.  (Dates were screwed up, we thought we got it July 1st.)

I've been doing some research on this.  But, I would love love to talk, email, hear from people who have dealt with it.  Mostly because everything I see is "fear," and I don't see "fear" in my life... not really.  I see stress.  A whole lotta stress.

Stress list goes as follows:

* Moved from one state to another.
* Husband went off a month before- leaving me to pack up.
* Had a serious illness happen to a favorite student.
* Same student passed away a couple months later.
* House/foreclosure/bank blocked sale drama.
* New job for husband.
* Less pay for him.
* New, part time, job for me.
* LOTS less pay for me.
* New school for son.
* New ward.
* No friends.
* Tornado in Joplin.  Most of our family fine.  One was killed.
* Budget crisis with our funds.
* Legal drama.
* Son flew completely alone, with layover.  He's 12.
* Son is in Joplin (I always stress when he's gone.)
* Son will fly back completely alone, with longer lay over in 12 days.
* 3 ER trips (April, May and July).
* 2 Urgent Care visits.

This all just in 6 months.

My stress list is bursting & I need some serious ideas to bust up whatever it is going on in me.  I've been crazy stressed before.  My body has NEVER responded like it has been in the last couple months. 

Getting old SUCKS!


Missy said...

I've dealt with them, too. Stress sucks, no doubt about it. I get so tired of people saying, "Just walk away." If only it was that easy...

Have you tried finding ways to manage it? A daily 10 min walk helps me. It's 10 min that I can just BE with no one around - it gets my endorphins flowing & clears my head. I figure it's better than nothing!

Hang in there!!!

armouris said...

more info on panic attack here - FAQ on Panic Attack