Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Work out music

So, Bella on the Beach is hosting a contest. It involves music, and I love music. Music that makes me wiggle and twirl makes me also laugh and giggle.

I spent about 45 minutes making the mix on here. Wish list songs to add to my computer so I can burn them and listen to them everywhere. Instead of just blaring on my laptop when I clean or do a video. I would love to have some great songs that I own- it's just not in our budget right now. (We're recovering from a 6 month layoff for Mr. Melzie.)

I don't watch much tv, just a couple shows. Normally, it's the radio that is on. Music is always on in the car & my son and I are constantly singing. To add music to a workout routine is simple!!

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Bella said...

You're the only one who has completed the "rules" of the giveaway! Congrats!