Saturday, January 30, 2010

I DID it!!

So, today was the race. We were up in Missoula with about an hour to spare. Met 4 fellow SparkPeople peep's and had a nice conversation. Our car was loaded with 5 of us down on the south side of the Bitterroot. Plus a good friend and her husband came down from Hot Springs. (He placed 1st for men walkers!!!)

My goal was to qualify. For this one, that meant doing it in under an hour. The best time I've ever walk/ran a 5K was about 1:25, last May. Not so good, and all my practice ones at home in the last 2 weeks have been around 25 minute miles.

So I was worried. Even more worried because I was DEAD LAST. No one behind me. It was sad indeed. However, that wasn't my worry, and I tried to not think about it. But that was hard also, because every time I got to a check station, they'd ask "you bringing up the rear?"

I said yes with a smile on my face and kept plowing ahead. Near the end I was worried.. I could hear people screaming for the lady in front of me (I was beat by a 68 yr old.) I was so worried that I might not beat the 1 hour mark- which was when they cut off the standings. My 11 yr old met me the last little bit & a fellow TOPS member did also. They ran with me, SH keeping me on track letting me know what I had to beat to get there. I thought my legs would be jelly when I crossed, but I did cross.

My time was:


I have time to spare!!!

Just joking.

I didn't cry, but I wanted to. I actually did it. I didn't really think I could... I admit that. I wanted to. Quite badly, but I thought it was impossible. But I did it.

I DID IT!!!!!

After we did it? We went to Red Robin, my favorite Missoula restaurant, and celebrated.


Carolyn F said...

I am so proud of you Mel... you set a goal and you reached it!! Pat yourself on the back and treat yourself to some new crafting toy to celebrate!!!

Continuous Changes said...

That is awesome!! Waita beat your goal!! Congratulations!! Your lunch looks yummy!

Bella said...

YAY!!!!!!!! This is awesome, good for you.