Sunday, January 10, 2010

Supersize Me!

All I can say is:
Really. It was the 2nd best documentary I have ever seen. The 1st place for horrifying. I seriously don't think I will ever eat fast food ever, ever again. (Now if they can find something to kill my love of soda.)
I told my TOPS group about it. We're going to have a movie party and watch it. I think EVERYONE should watch it.
I remember hearing about it when it came out. I remember not being interested. Then I moved to the place we live, and the health teacher shows it every semester to her Health 1 class. The kids talk about it in my class- and I was curious. So I asked to borrow it....
If you've seen it- what did you think? If you haven't- go rent it, watch it- you won't be anything but "wowed."

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Tricia said...

I NEED to see it.