Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Spinning, how I've missed you.

This is our spin room.  There are more bikes to the right, but you get the idea.  I've never seen the tv used, and if it were to get turned on, I would never watch it.  I get motion sickness *SUPER* easy-- like watching home movies easy.

Over the summer I've not been to many spin classes, and today my thighs feel the pain.  But, I did go last night, and so starts my, "school's in session" exercise craze.  I do SO much better when I'm at work/school.

I also do better when people I haven't seen since June see me and say, "wow- you've lost weight!"  What an upper while I was working on my classroom digs.


carla said...

ahhh I so so so wish I could get into spinning.

my, uh, hoo-hah begs to differ :)


FrogiNater said...

Really? I've heard that from others, but my hoo-hah was fine. It was my big butt that suffered. Though my thighs are seriously screaming more today than yesterday.

I'll be swimming today. lol.