Sunday, August 7, 2011

On a roll and get side tracked.

So my son got super sick on Wednesday.  He had lots of shots (4) and ended up with a fever.  Which is all fine, but he still had it Friday.  And still has it today.  I don't like fevers, and even with tylenol/motrin they are getting low, but not going away.  He's almost 13, and I can honestly say he almost never gets a fever.  When he does, it's a day or 2- if that.  So this few days of it is stressing me out.  The kid can't be sick- we have plans.  He had football, and school registration, and family coming in to visit!  So, if he still has it tomorrow after my dental appt, I will be taking him to see his doc.  We saw an on call one Sat and she said he probably just had a stomach bug.  Me, I'm not so sure.  (I'm blaming shots.)

So I didn't weigh in at the Y on Thursday-- and when I got on mine this morning I show a gain.  I blame the soda I've been having to survive on minimal sleep.

I'll be back & normal.  And I promised myself I will be at Lose It (Y) on Thursday for official weigh in.

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