Sunday, August 28, 2011

Red faced while exercising.

So, yesterday I went to a spin class.  Not anything new, been before.  But, a small confession, I've never been on a spin bike- I get there too late, and they are full, so I just do it on a regular one.  Works the same just about.  Never really cared. 

So yesterday I get there a little early, and I am tempted to figure out how to set up the "real" bike, but the instructor was busy, and everyone in the class were seasoned pro's so I chickened out.  Plus, I was the fattest girl there.  (Honestly, fat boys and fat girls are viewed very differently, don't you think?)  So I stuck to a regular bike.

3 times.  THREE!!!  The seat  setter thingie went out on me, and dropped.  Once it was funny, no one heard or turned around.  The second 1 person did make eye contact with me, and the 3rd it was a lull in the music and they ALL TURNED AROUND.  So what could I do but pretend I did it on purpose and hobble away.

Mortified does not even begin to touch this one. 

My first thought was, I am WAY TOO FAT to be on a stationary bike.
No, that won't stop me... but it was awful.

Make me feel better, tell me that you all have had red faced moments while exercising in front of people!

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