Thursday, September 1, 2011

Reintroducing myself to Wii.

 We got our Wii for fun times as a family.  I got exercise stuff for everyone, but mostly for me.  Mostly for Montana winters.  I don't hardly touch it any other time.  But, a friend posted on FB yesterday about doing Just Dance 2, and I had a desire- so I went with it.

My poor little me is almost 4 years OLDER.  UGH!  Poor thing.  I did 30 minutes of the games and will retest my age and stuff once a week.  *ahem* try to remember this Melzie!

I also did 30 minutes of JD2, since that's what got me on this little track.  It was fun!  I was burning it up and I'm sure had my family been home to watch me (1 was at work, 1 at football practice) they would have died from laughter.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, very... "in beat."
But better than being in beat, I had fun, and I honestly only stopped because my husband came home.  Which meant I needed to get stuff together for picking up the kid at football, and for his evening swim party.  On my list for the next Wii play-- to see which games you can play against someone.  My son does Mario Cart with his cousins.  What I wouldn't love to play JD or Wii Fit with friends!!  So I want to see if you can.  I've just never paid attention. 

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upinthecosmos said...

I loved using my Wii for exercising, I just need to get things hooked up again now that I have the space to do it. I got Zumba for Wii for my bday but I have yet to try it. As soon as I get back from vacation that is on my list of things to get completed!