Friday, August 26, 2011

Where I've started running...

This is one of our cemeteries.  Our town has 2 of them.  The one I wanted to run at was being watered, so I did this one instead.  Certainly a pretty view!!

A friend asked me why I would run there.  So I thought I would explain a bit more.  I *LOVE* cemeteries.  A lot.  One of my favorite passtimes, letterboxing, sometimes brings me to the most beautiful, old cemeteries I've ever found.  I like to wonder about those buried there, see if I can find family, etc, etc.  When I was a kid, I'd do crayon rubbing of headstones at the cemetery next to the Ranger Hall of Fame in Waco.

On a group I joined for C25K, someone mentioned she ran in cemeteries.  She figured that no one there was going to laugh at her, and if she dropped down dead while running, she was in a good place to do so.  Made sense to me!!

So, I joined her.  I didn't drop dead, but I had a great walk/run while in a peaceful setting.

One of my big fears of running out in public is being laughed at, called lard @ss by a passerby, etc, etc... and you know what?  None of that happened this morning.  All I got was a good workout and a wave from the guy cutting grass.

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