Monday, August 22, 2011

Vacation is over & the results are...

My mom was here for the last 2 weeks.  I've kinda went on vacation form watching what I eat (much) and haven't been to the Y to work out or swim... it's been a refreshing 2 weeks, but we have exercised via letterboxing/walking/hiking.  But not the classes, swimming, weights, etc.  Plus with long car trips, and having more soda than I normally do- aka I don't do soda... weight is up in the air.

So to get on the scale I was nervous. 

This morning my scale has me at 260.8!

Which, looking at my left side bar, is only 0.6 up!!  Which is nuthin' I can't handle!!


Side note:  I am almost officially off summer vacation.  Go back in later this week.  School starts after labor day


Anonymous said...

Always a nice treat at the end of a vacation to find that you haven't gained weight. Nice job.

Lisa Mancini said...

You really did just fine even on vaca. Glad to see you back again. I went on my own little hiatus. But back in gear!

Carolyn F said...

I'm so proud of you!