Thursday, May 26, 2011

grass is always greener (d39)

It's been a long tim esicne I've cut the grass.  I've always LOVED the smell of fresh cut grass, and since it was my husbands birthday, I knew cutting it would be a nice little gift for him.  I also knew I needed to get more active.  Our gras is in 3 sections, and takes about 2.5-3 hours to mow- a riding lawn mower would be nice, just so far out of our budget.

I felt it, found 2 pot holes, and hollered at the kid because he missed 2 poop piles.  I found myself huffing for breathe, and was embarrassingly wishing it was over way before it was.

I started watching "Ruby" because of a friend.  There are some really great quotes on the shows I have seen (via netflix) and I'm going to watch it and use my step. I'd still like to find a walking buddy or something-- this sideview picture made me quite blah.  The back rolls & but/gut is icky.

This morning there is a cross country meeting at school.  I asked my son to go to it, they are giving out running logs.  He said, the kid, that he "might" do it with me.  He did it before, but isn't as impressed to do it now.  Joe would, but he'll tick me off.  I can't exercise with him.  Long time readers will remember why, I'll have to link it all later.  :)

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