Friday, January 11, 2013

End of week #1- review

Today is the end of my first week of the MVWLC, so my weigh in is important.

Ignore my toes, they need help, but look at that number!!  My official weigh in was 270 (by their scale) my scale said 269.8.  So by their scale I should be 263.6-- but no matter how you want to play the numbers---

I am down 6.6 pounds!!!!!!

According to my spread sheet I should be at the 267 mark today and I blew it away.  Even with yesterday showing a gain of 0.6.

I've mainly been watching calories (dinner on Wednesday night of pizza and a glass of soda killed my calorie count, which is why I suspect I was up) mostly.  With some exercise built in, but not concentrating on that very much either.  I want to master this food thing first.


MojoMissy said...

Congrats on the loss! I'm just the opposite. I can do the fitness thing but it's the food I'm struggling with. Your loss proves it's 80% food, 20% fitness for weight loss. Good job!

FrogiNater said...

I'm using sparkpeople, and it's helping. To see how many calories are in there is amazing. So I'm trying really hard. Exercise I like-- but I'm so tired from school, it's hard to get me there.