Sunday, January 6, 2013

My goals for this year....

I'm doing them fairly simple.

1.  Drink more. 
2.  Move more.
3.  Stay positive.

1.  I drink a lot when I'm in school.  But when I'm home, I stop for some reason.  So, I'm hoping to keep with it an ddrink at least 3-4 glasses when I get home form school and before bed. 

2.  Move- whatever it is.  I like classes, and I'm a member at our local YMCA.  I'm out of shape now (how quickly that happens when you stop) but I am building it back up.  I also plan to move more in my classroom, gotta find my pedometer!

3.  Not that I'm the most negative person ever, but I need to focus on the good and not linger on the bad.  I stress out for everything, even people I hardly know.  I need to just let it go and not take it in.  If that makes any kind of sense at all!

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