Friday, June 24, 2011

Spending a LOT of time here

 Our city pool is HUGE.  It's part of the YMCA.  Our family goes almost every day.  I go twice a day most days.  In the winter, there is a bubble that goes over the top.  So, this big pool, is open all year long.


The aqua jogging class (which is my fave pool class) takes place in the deep end (1st picture) and you jog (with a float belt) back and forth for 45 minutes (stretching the last 15.)  My husband did the class with me this week, and this morning he is still complaining about his legs hurting.  Great workout proof! 

All three pictures show the pool's full length.  Top is the deep end, then middle, then shallow end with the kiddie area at the furthest away in the last picture.  

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