Wednesday, June 15, 2011

110 pound weight loss

Last night at my aqua jogging class I took at the Y, I met a lady who has lost 110 pounds in 16 months.  She is the mother of 2 little girls, and she looks amazing.  When I got to class, a little early, 'cause I'm wired that way, I felt at ease.  There were about 20 people finishing up the 5pm Aqua Dance (think Zumba in the pool) class, and I wasn't the biggest person.  Check mark for me.

Then the AJ class, and we had to move over to the deep side.  And get a belt.  The biggest was large, and I had a moment of "crap, it's not going to fit," but it did.  Hurdle #1 jumped. 

Then I saw everyone in the class.  They were thin.  I was the largest, by a lot.  I almost decided to pretend to be in a swimming lane instead... but had a mental argument with myself.  But I stayed.  Hurdle #2 jumped.

I made it through the hour long class, and at the end, while debating on getting out (it was so windy, so I knew I'd freeze when I got out) the 110lb lady talked to me.  She was super nicer, and asked me how I liked it.  I did.  Then she shared that she'd started it in January of 2010 as her main exercise, and she'd lost 70 pounds that year.  This year, she's lost another 40.  I bet my mouth was hanging open.  It was just a short conversation-- all of maybe 10 minutes.  But it was enough.

I'll be going back, every Tuesday and Thursday.  Hurdle #3 jumped.

PS:  This morning I can barely lift my arms and my legs feel like lead.  I'd planned on doing a step class at 9am, but I think I'll stay home and do a Jillian workout video instead.  Not sure my legs can handle step right now!

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Lisa Mancini said...

WOW!! Good for you!!! I bet it was so great to talk to her! And, I'm so happy you got through those obsticles! WTG!!