Monday, June 27, 2011

Football camp for him... and me?

This morning I will be taking my going-into-seventh-grade-son to his 1st day of football camp.  He's been waiting for this day since he was 3.  he carries a football in his backpack and plays at school every chance he gets.  If I were a better mother, I'd play with him all the time.  But, he no longer thinks I'm great at doing things throwing a football.  I'm a great cook, but not a great practice partner.  That's where he turns to his stepfather.

Camp is 3 hours, today thru Wednesday.  I'd planned on sitting there reading a book, just in case.  In case they get to use his epi-pen.  In case he takes a flying dive and breaks his first bone.  In case he gets a chance to run for a touchdown and gets it.  I don't want to miss it... 

But I am going to.  Because I decided that if he's going to spend the next 3 days, for 3 hours each day (not including baseball in the evenings (game tonight, practice tomorrow, game Wed) and life guarding for 2 hours in the afternoons) I should do the same.  I can feel his pain with him. 

It's what a good mother does!
At least that's what this mother is going to do.

At first I thought about taking Sirius (our 1.5 yr old lab/chessie) for a long walk, around the gigantic block that encompasses the field/high school/tennis courts/auditorium.  But, that could get boring quick.  So instead I'll going to be doing a spin class hop across town to swim laps (and catch a glimpse to be sure the kid is still in one piece,) and then pick up the dog and walk the block while I wait for him to finish.

Football camp-- here we come!

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