Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Feedback anyone?

So I gained a pound tonight. I'm okay with this because I am on day #2 of counting calories, and I have to say, yesterdays calorie count made me do a double take.

Anyone have a website they use to do a good calorie count? Or do you just read the labels and jot it down. The latter bothers me, just because most of my meals are packed, so to take time to write down as I'm packing up, or to do it at night- is a pain. However, I could make a typical lunch or two and keep those counts... Hmmmm...

The other thing is our family wager. The last one ended, and we did so well. We need another challenge to keep us doing as well. The dilemma- we live in 3 different states (Montana, Texas, California.) 3 majorly different weights (so we do percentages,) and obviously different living conditions (military wife, single and a working mom.)

Any ideas on a competition we can do, semi long term (like 6 mos)???

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