Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good golly- I figured it out!

So, me in my quest to not eat horribly, watch portion sizes, and read labels more (etc, etc) forgot one major thing for me. I forgot to check the calendar. Once I did, I got a little fluttery, thinking maybe my weight gain was because I was preggers. Then I laughed and reminded myself that preggers & my body are not friends and it would take a miracle to happen.

But still.... so I did a test, negative, just like I knew (if I'm being honest with myself.) So I dug out the cupboard and got the meds I swore I was done with. I've not had a visit from Auntie Flo for almost 5 months. Not unnormal, but on my special pills I got normal, sorta, and they helped me get her to come. Those same pills that made me feel slightly like a normal woman- made me cranky, tired, depressed and my family hated me. So I stopped.

I took them last week, and they still worked their magic. I was up another 3 pounds at yesterday's weigh in. This morning I am down that 3 pounds and I bet it continues now that my hormones have gotten a much needed dose of "real." Maybe I shouldn't have gone off the stuff, but I had to try.

Hoping this might help with my belly looking all bloated and preggo looking lately also.

Self- I promise to keep better track of my calendar. Love, Self.

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