Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shopping on a Saturday

Which isn't a big issue. Unless it's me shopping (which I hate to do,) or if it's me & the friend (since we're both on STRICT budgets right now,) or because we had to drive an hour to get to the space. In snow and rain.

What I did was pick up a journal to decorate into my counter part of my blog. Food, calories, and thoughts. We also shopped for stuff to do a weight loss scrapbook for each of us and enjoyed the discounts that NSD (Nation Scrapbook Day) had to bring. This wasn't our initial plan a few weeks ago. But on Friday night, this is what it has morphed into.

Friday night after dinner it somehow got turned around, between the 3 of us, that we were all trying to lose weight. PCOS, age, schedules, food, calories, "I read....," "I heard.." etc, etc. We talked about this for 3 hours. Not much was made into a dent for our scrapping addictions. But I walked away with a weekend exercise buddy starting in June (she's traveling & the end of the school year for me is insane,) and a "Jillian" who is my WB's (workout buddy- till I create a name for her) sissy.

Today I make my thingie. I'll take pictures. Run to my school to get the training board I created for our family. Today I also start our training with the family to get my son ready for August try out's for cross country.

I'm so very excited.

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