Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What I ate at the fair.

I admit, I was a little worried about going to the fair.  Not that I always tend to gorge myself, but because I have been doing really good and I didn't WANT to gorge myself.  I can't be the only one who "does good" only to be faced with an odd chance and completely blow it.  Or am I?!
Anyhow, we went, I had a blended peach lemonade, large, but milked it for 6 hours.  Browning points for being fresh squeezed?  And I hate about 1/3 of a funnel cake.  I LOVE funnel cakes, and I was sad that I only ate some of it.  Why sad?  Well, they left it in just a second or two (or 5) too long and it was super crunchy.  I like mine soft and just at the edge of crunch.  So while I was sad, my husband ate the rest and I stayed in calorie range. 

This was the first chance since June that I really had the chance to blow what I've been doing.  Not just having 200 extra calories in a day, I mean REALLY blow it.  But I didn't- I stayed within my own limits.

Go me!!!!

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