Sunday, May 23, 2010

Almost walking again!

I've taken it easy-- actually got a sub for Thursday & Friday and spent those days and most of the weekend in bed. Today I overdid it a bit, but I am moving with very little pain. I did get on the scale and I am up about 2.5 pounds. I promised myself I would take it very easy this week, so I can be 100%, but I am concerned.

I had great plans for this coming weekend!!
Boxing & a long bike ride.

My husband thinks we should cancel the 2nd, and the first, would be easy-schmeesy ones. I want to hike and play outside- not do ones that are drive by's. And that darn bike ride has been cancelled and rescheduled for a year now!

I made him promise me that we'd wait and see how I feel on Thursday-- so cross your fingers & I'll be crossing mine too!

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