Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Brushing myself off & going again

I admit it- I had a crappy March. This mornings weigh in proved it- I had a gain, a big gain. I didn't regain everything I'd lost, but pretty darn close. Last night I didn't care. I indulged in a large coke, large fries and part of a big mac. (I removed 2 buns and most of the dressing, & I dislike cheese.)

My mom and I have a mini war/bet going on. It's to do with our Farmville (I love this game. If it were a "computer" or a wii game, I'd buy it.) I lost so now I get to do her farm. Last night I told her I didn't care. But that's a lie, I do care.

The thing is-- I've been eating GREAT! My exercise hasn't been totally on point, but my food in the last 2 weeks has been from "scratch," or fresh. Minus the PB & J, or the one serving of mac & cheese. I've been careful to measure servings, eat good and haven't screwed up.

But I gained big.

I did get to a point where I honestly felt like saying, "what's the point." But there is a point. I want to be healthy. I want to get rid of the body I got in part because of my PCOS/infertility issues. I want to buy smaller clothes. I want to not come in last in a race. I want.... a lot of things- and me at this weight is not helping me achieve those things.

I tried to come at it from an educator's background. What do I tell kids in my classroom? At parent/teacher meetings?

Come prepared.
Don't give up.
Anything is possible.
Extra credit, extra tutoring.
Better choices.

I'm going to do some self reflecting and figure out what is seriously going on. I need to get my measurements also.

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