Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tools for Starting

I had known that we would use some of the taxes to get me started on my learning to run. Our state taxes came in & it was time to pick up things I'd researched and wanted. A trip to REI & Runner's Edge, both in Missoula, took most of the afternoon. But I left with a very diminished account, but 2 bags of things to get me started.

The iPOD is from my husband, for Valentine's day. I've been wanting one, but hadn't gotten anything. Even yesterday I kept going back and forth. This morning he said he was sweating bullets when I kept looking at them at every store we went too.

I started reading "Slow Fat Triathlete" on the way to stores and then home. It's very well written, so far.

But I have to admit, it was the name of the book that got me smiling and made me buy it. One of the phrases I tell a lot of people when we talk about diet & exercise, is:

"I may be fat, but I'm certainly not dead."

I'm on my way to being a runner. I've got some great tools to help me get started. I hope to be like the lady in Runner's World, this month, who lost 108 pounds by taking up running. She ran the New York Marathon a year after watching it form her couch. A little over 8 hours to finish. But she finished.

THAT is a hero.

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Kerri & Katie said...

It's encouraging that you're taking up running. Stick with it!