Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mental Games

This morning I was asked if I had lost weight. My instant reaction, out loud, was , "nope, not really." When asked again if I was sure, I replied I'd lost a little bit this year, but nothing to be noticeable at all. No clothes size change or anything like that.

The 3 people let it go and we continued on with our project we were doing. I was explaining things but my head was having it's own conversations. Namely-- "why can't you just take a compliment with a 'thank you for noticing.'"

I'm still thinking about it 12 hours later.

Maybe it's because I've been boycotting all things healthy since Wednesday. Or maybe it's because I'm still in 260-ville (SparkPeople Team). Or maybe it's just because getting a compliment makes me blush and feel very uncomfortable. I don't like the spot light shining on me. Kind of like when I was the last one in that race... they were all cheering & I wanted to cry. I just wanted to cross the finish line in peace & quiet with no one noticing my time...

I know I can't be the only one out there with this kind of issues, right?!

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Kerri & Katie said...

I have a hard time taking a compliment from my boyfriend whensays he likes my outfit and little things things. So i agree with that. It's awkward. But you'd better get used to it! Once the weight really starts coming off, everyone will be complementing you! :)