Sunday, June 5, 2016

First week down.

Starting is always easy, staying with it is the trick.  That's where I've fallen.. where I've come to forget what I want.  I've talked with my good friends, my husband, and even my 17 year old.  They know that I want this.  I've spent the last year doing nothing but school, work, and family.  Literally.  I've gained a lot of pounds, but I reached the goal I needed.

But, then I looked at the price.  My health.

This summer is about me.  About my need to regain the health I had.  My goal is to lose weight, but mostly just to become active again.  I have attached no pounds to the summer, but I would love to lose at least 20.

I weighed this morning, Sunday's or Monday's are going to be my day.  Really, Sunday will be easier because my husband wants to do this also.

My weigh in was:  302.6 pounds.
A loss of 3.4 pounds.

I talked to my friend yesterday while we were having a pedi and sushi.  She asked what I've done this week.  Truth be known, not a whole lot.  I've only concentrated on drinking more water.  However, I have allowed for some Dr Pepper.  I've concentrated on eating more veggies and fruits.  However, I have enjoyed chips & dip as well.

I don't want to give up anything.  I want to do this my way and that means occasionally having food that isn't so good for me.

This week I'm going to focus on more movement. Starting out slow because of my "bad body."  (Bad knees, bad feet, bad ankle, and possibility of easy dislocations.)  Here is to week 2!

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