Sunday, June 19, 2016

Was worried...

I've dreaded weighing in since I had the week of "whatever."  However, I promised myself that no matter, I'd do it before Monday.  This morning I stepped on.  Looked in disbelief and stepped off, only to redo it.

The result- 301.2!

Which means, even though I took a week off, I still managed to not go crazy and even managed to LOSE weight in the 14 days since I weighed in last.  CHEERS!!  1.4 pounds of loss.

This coming week involves a trip to Boise, some family drama, and a BIG test that I've got to take/pass.  This test is my 4th time trying it.  It's math, I despise math, and I'm freaking out about it again.  The times I've taken it I've only missed it by 1-4 questions.  Which hurts my head even more.

This week I will work on not letting the stress win, maintaining my water levels, and continuing with my movement and exercise.  My first short term goal is within my grasp.  I hope to have in reached in the next 2 weeks.

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