Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer '16 goals

I'm seriously embarrassed by the lack of posting.  Over a year.... and the numbers shows it.

Today I start my "summer."  I'm working on kicking out my soda habit.  I'm going to exercise, because I've seriously done nothing in the last year but school, work, be a mom, sleep, and school some more.

I weighed this morning at 306.

Then I cried.

Then I put on exercise clothes, took my pills/vitamins, reviewed my pinterest health and exercise boards, logged on to this, and made a commitment to myself.

I will use this summer wisely.  I will make a difference in myself and my well being.  I will not treat my body as a dumping ground.

Now, I'm off to plant my stuff in our new garden, we've moved/bought a house, and then whack the hell out of my new thingie in the garage.

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