Monday, September 17, 2012

Yearly physical...

I've been pretty neurotic the last couple years about getting a physical every year.  Especially since I was put on BP meds about 2 years ago.  I've had some other meds come into the picture and that's prevented me from trying for a baby--- and for the last year I was told no.  My husband and I also decided that I needed a break from 7 years of babymaking, year 8 was the break.  Today was the "what can we do now."

The answer was, from my new doc (my old one moved) was that my BP was under control, lets cut off one med, change another and I got the green light.


For trying to make a baby.

I still have PCOS, duh, but my body have been functioning normally for a year now.  I'm healthier, less stress, and just feel better on whole about everything.

The husband and I are now trying to decide- do we start right away, do we think about it, do we try for a bit then go back on the clomid and more route.... so many "what to do now" options.

But who cares.
BP is under control.
My Aunt Flo has loved me and visited for a year.
My blood tests are all perfect.
I got a green light.

Life if good and the weight isn't swimming off, but obviously this is proof that there is more to health that your weight.

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