Monday, September 3, 2012

School starts, here we go!

Tomorrow I'll be at school.  My bag has a list next to of of things to remember to bring with me- to stock my fridge.  (Yes, I have room for a fridge this year- hip hooray for moving to a new classroom!!) 

It's also sitting by my scale, which being Monday, I stepped on.  259.0-- it's a LOSS!  It's a loss of 2.4 since I weighed in last.  GO ME!!!  I really wasn't excited to be back in the 260's, and I am glad to have inched myself out of them.

This last week I have been careful about eating.  I also made sure to drink.  A lot.  My allergies (darn fires!) did act up, and I switched meds, which have helped some.  But they also make me very foggy.  I didn't run from zombies much, just 3 times, but it's 3 times more than I've been exercising.  So again, a step in the right direction.

It's Monday, my last day of freedom.  I'm going to go run from Zombies and make sure my teen doesn't find a way to slip back to sleep! 

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