Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anyone play Zombie Run?

Now, I don't have an ipod touch, but my son does.  He installed an app for me to try and I've played it a few times a week.  It's called Zombie Run, and it's actually quite fun.  Today though, I was caught by Zombies.  When I got home my dear, sweet, first born (who turns 14 on Wednesday) fell over in laughter that I was caught.

I just promised revenge and took my sweaty self to the shower. 

I found this app because of a friend on FB who posted that she had started enjoying it, because of another friend.  I'm curious what other "make exercise fun" apps there might be.

 (My birthday is in a couple months and an ipod touch is the only thing on my list now because of ZR!)


upinthecosmos said...

I have a friend that plays it too and I love zombies so I wanted to check it out but didn't want to pay for it... I'm cheap like that! LOL...

Now I'm rethinking "I love zombies" I don't really love them... I just like them some:-)

FrogiNater said...

My husband was surprised that I did pay for it- ha! But I like it and think if it makes me work for it, it must be worth it. Right?! :)