Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hit the road Jack... errrr Frog family

Our family is moving back to Idaho- but not the Boise area like before.  This time it's Twin Falls.  My husband grew up there, I've spent a lot of time there, and all 3 of us are very excited!!  It just came up as a possibility a little over a week ago. Friday he went on 5 interviews, and he picked this one.  He leaves this coming weekend, with us to follow as quickly as we can.

I'm a believe in things happening for a reason.  I know that this is an answer to our prayers and to my sanity levels.  Montana is beautiful-- but I miss being in a city.  3,000 is a number for students enrolled in a high school, not a town!  *wink*wink*

So, I maybe be hit and miss-- but I expect to reveal a lot more exciting stuff once we get settled!  We are in for a ride this spring!