Monday, January 10, 2011

BCBS- Montana challenge

We have a school team, with 16 people on it so far!  Today is our first official weigh in for that- even though my weigh in is on Wednesday's, I will be weighing on Monday for this.  So what to do, take a picture of my weigh in both times... or keep it to Wednesday's...

I think I'll keep it to Wednesday's-- don't want to have zillions of pictures of my feet/scale on here all the time.  Certainly not each time I end up posting either!!  I'd scare off the 2 people who read me. 

This morning:  275.4  Which is a loss from my first weigh in on the challenge, 278.

My BMI:  40.67
Morbidly Obese.
But f I get rid of .68 I will just be obese.  That's my next week goal...
Made me cry/gasp a bit to read that number.
More than the scale.

I've got scary pictures to upload too.  Crazy hair didn't help-- but it made me feel a little better.

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