Monday, July 12, 2010

Missoula 1/2 & Full Marathon

I didn't do it, I'd planned on signing up for the 1/2 marathon, but my feet have been hurting so badly lately. So I volunteered instead to cheer everyone on.
It was awesome!!
And it was motivating!!
And this lady-- well, she made me decide that if she could do 20 miles (that was my checkpoint) and be legally blind. And do it with no guide (amazing...)
Well, who am I to complain about my stupid feet?

I had 2 good friends in the marathon- got pictures of the back on one head (too busy screaming for him) and ran up in front of my other one. She completed her 1st marathon ever- I was *SO* proud of her.
I also screamed crazy insane for the people I saw who were like me. My size, my shape, those who were limping & struggling. I know that I would have wanted to be cheered at. They were my hero's that day. They are still today.
I am glad I stayed till the very end. Every one of those people who gave it a try (whether they finished or not) needed to be cheered on.
Next year--- it's gonna be me with raised "I did it" arms.

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