Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Not to be confused with Tawanda-- but close. :)

We had a GREAT time doing the Hiawatha trail here in Montana/Idaho.

There were tunnels (the 1.66 mile one was pretty, "is it going to go on forever?") and trellis' and moose and loads of chipmunks. Gorgeous views, peaceful noises (we got there early, 9am, so not many people till around lunch) and I could go on and on and one. But I won't.

But I could! It was cold when we started, a blistering 42* which when we finished was in the mid 50's. We were COLD, especially in those tunnels. But in hindsight, it certainly helped with water consumption!

We plan to go again, with my 11yr old, for his 12th birthday. He's currently in Missouri & I know he will LOVE this ride. Plan is to go up, camp and ride back down.

Serious fun for the whole family. If you come to northern Idaho, or in western Montana- do it. You can rent the bikes & stuff.

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